Kiterparadise Cumbuco


Where is Cumbuco?
Cumbuco lies 35 km north of Fortaleza, the capital of the state Ceara, that is situated in the north-eats of Brazil.

How to get from the airport to Cumbuco?
A special, roof-rack equipped taxi for up to 5 persons costs 90 Reais till 11Pm after 100 Reais.

Do I get along with english?
Brazilians speak any language, as long as it is brazilian. Many people here even can't imagine that people can't understand their mother tongue. En-route and in the restaurants it's brazilian that counts. But we help you to get where you want to and find what you need. From rental-car to souvenirs.

Should I bring cash or credit-card?
You can change foreign currency, but it's easier and cheaper to bring an EC-Card or creditcard, that you can use at some cash-points.

Do I need a rental-car? How much does it cost?
Normally, you will always find other kiters to share their car with you to access to other kitespots. If you want to travel around independently, we recommend to rent a car.
The smart way: small cars like a CorsaAbout 70 - 85 Reals / day incl. mileage and insurance.
The exclusive way: If you want to do trips in the dunes, forrests or along the beach you need a 4x4-car like a ToyotaHilux or the Mitsubishi L200. These trucks offer enough space for up to 5 persons and have a loading space for your equipment. The price is about 280-350 Reals/day incl. mileage and insurance, depending on the season.
Station wagon: like a VW Passat is about 120 Reals/day. Your normal driving-licence will be accepted.

Are there shopping-facilities nearby?
In Cumbuco you will find three well-assorted supermarkets. Here you can get everything from suncream to cookies. Fruit are always fresh and easy to get. At the market-place ambitioned cooks can get things like fresh seafood and meat. There are souvenir-shops, a boutique with cool surfwear, a post office and a gas station.

Eating and drinking?
We serve a rich breakfast for the start in the day. During daytime and in the evening many restaurants offer their specialties.The food is tasty, good quality, generously portioned and very cheap. If you need some insider-tips...?

Tap-water is only good for taking showers. Drinking water can be bought in the supermarkets. Don't eat any unwashed fruit in its peel. On the beach, be careful with all the offered snacks and icecream.

Any nightlife in Cumbuco?
You can find many restaurants and bars. Nihtlife is pretty limited. For partying, go to Fortaleza. There you can enjoy the brazilian nightlife.

Factor 30 is mandatory. Also you need to wear sunglasses, because the sun is always in the zenith.

Are there dangerous animals?
No, there are no harmful animals, no rocks or sharp reefs in the water. We have some mosquitos and flies, but due to the steady winds they don't make it in your rooms. Anyhow, there are mosquito-nets around the beds.

Is there a wind-statistic?
All values are values for the orientation.

Which kite do I need?
For the rainy season you need bigger kites up to 18 m.From June to December you will be kiting daily with a quiver of 8 to 14 m.

Is there any danger in the sea?
No, there are no harmful animals, no rocks or sharp reefs. Sometimes there is a shorebreak at high-tide, rangng from soft to powerfull.

Any kiteshops?
Yes, one directly at the Baira Mar, that also sells kitestuff.The variety of equipment is limited and not all sparparts are available. It's a good idea to bring your own repairkit and spare-bladders.

Where is the nearest kitespot?
It's just 120 m from our pousada to Cumbuco's most famous kitespot.

Can i borrow kite-equipment?
Yes you can. We lend kitestuff. Kites from Core Kites and boards from CARVED.
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Are lessons offered?
Yes, we offer kitelessons.
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Do I need a wetsuit?
Definitely not. We recommend lycra-shirts with long arms and long boardshorts because of the strong sun.