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CUMBUCO - Kiters Eldorado

Cumbuco is situated in the north-east of Brazil in the state Ceara. Fortaleza, Ceara's capital, is only 25 km away. Cumbuco is small fishermens' village with a lot of caribian-feeling. The landscape is filled with beautiful nature, dunes, forests and lagoons.

Some hundreds of kilometers of beaches with variuos landscape surround Cumbuco. Many Brazilians spend their holidays here, on our beaches. The steadyly-blowing wind is responsible for the very pleasing climate and makes Cumbuco to the number-One-kitepsot of Brazil.

Cumbuco's locals are very sincere and hospitable. Many restaurants and bars await our guests with their special flair. Culinary specialities and great drinks are very cheap. Fresh fish, seafood and great beef are real treats. Fresh exotic fruit are the base of many tasty cocktails - of course they can also be enjoyed pure.

Everything in Cumbuco if easily accessible by feet. The small centre lies, as it is common in Brazil, around a meeting-place where you can find a church and, of course, a football-field.

Besides kiting or windsurfing you can enjoy the beach and the ocean, but also diving, horseback-riding and fishing should not be missed. It is also a good idea to rent a car and discover the environment. The great weather is very steady and you don't have to worry of any dangerous animals.

Brazil is despite the visible poverty a rich country. Rich of life and fellings. Brazilians are colourful and multifaceted people full of emotions. It's a good idea to learn some words of Portuguese.

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